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Frequently Asked Questions

      <ErrorMsg>User password is incorrect</ErrorMsg>
      <SysErrMsg>ErrorId: 0651</SysErrMsg>

The received error is received in cases where the fields that make up the value of the hash data sent in your coding do not match the values defined in the system or the coding posted. We kindly ask you to check these fields and try the operation again, and if the error persists, send us the fields that make up the hash value and the hash value you have created. 
Also, please reset your PROVAUT and 3D password used in coding and update it in coding.

An error is received because the model you want to use is not defined in our bank system. The definition should be made by sending the model you want to work with to the eticaretdestek@garantibbva.com.tr e-mail address.

This error message can have 3 different causes;

1. It may be caused by incorrect passwords used in the software. (PROVAUT/PROVOOS/3D passwords)

2. You should check your hash structure. It may be caused when the hash data is calculated incorrectly.

3. You should check the hidden/input fields in the code you posted. It may be used in an empty or incorrect format.

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